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General Events

Explore a diverse array of captivating in-person events hosted by 'The Wisdom Witches,' each offering a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and thrive. From soothing day retreats to invigorating experiences like 'Drum and Dip,' our events are designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit in the embrace of Scotland's natural beauty. Whether you seek, support through difficult times, rhythmic rejuvenation, profound self-discovery, or simply a moment of serenity, our events provide a holistic journey tailored to your well-being. Join us on a path of growth, connection, and transformation as we gather together to celebrate life's rhythms and explore the wisdom within.

Drum & Dip

Discover the magic of our recurring Drum & Dip event, a celebration of life, rhythm, and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the invigorating practice of cold water dipping while embracing the beats of drumming, singing, and meditation. This rhythmic gathering offers a unique blend of connection, self-discovery, and nature appreciation. Join us regularly to rekindle your spirit, connect with like-minded souls, and celebrate the joy of life in the company of warm-hearted individuals.

Self Soothing Sunday

Indulge in the serenity of our recurring 'Self Soothing Sundays' with Wisdom Witches, where you can embrace the quiet, freedom, and inner peace you deserve. No explanations required, just a space to gift yourself the time and solitude you crave. Bask in your own radiance, believing that every day is a Sunday, as you connect, grow, and share with like-minded souls. It's a day dedicated to self-love and gratitude, where smiles and thanks abound.

Our afternoons feature a blend of meditation, mindfulness, grounding, and energy work, along with the soothing rhythms of chanting, drumming, and movement. Join us regularly to nourish your inner being and cultivate a sense of self-worth


Angel Readings

Experience the enchantment of our recurring 'Angel Readings' event, where you'll delve into the mystical world of angelic guidance and insight. Join us for a delightful alfresco lunch to kick off the day, followed by a captivating introduction by Laura, sharing her profound work with the Angels.

Following the introduction, Laura will offer personalized 20-30 minute one-on-one angel readings, allowing you to gain unique perspectives and guidance. While waiting for your reading, immerse yourself in the warmth of group connections, chat with fellow attendees, and savor soothing blue lotus and herbal teas, accompanied by delectable snacks.

Don't miss the chance to explore Laura's captivating books available at the event, should you wish to deepen your spiritual journey. Join us regularly for these transformative Angel Readings and unlock the wisdom of the celestial realm


Coming Up Next

  • Make your own medicine drum
    Make your own medicine drum
    Sat, 24 Aug
    24 Aug 2024, 09:00 – 25 Aug 2024, 16:00
    Stirling, The Steadings, Stirling FK7 8BB, UK
  • Wisdom, Water and Wellness September Luxury Retreat
    Wisdom, Water and Wellness September Luxury Retreat
    Fri, 20 Sept
    20 Sept 2024, 16:00 – 22 Sept 2024, 17:00
    Blairgowrie, Cray House & Estate, Cray, Glenshee, Blairgowrie PH10 7LP, UK
    Cray’s location on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park makes it the perfect base for exploring the surrounding mountains. Just moments from the estate, Mount Blair and the Angus Glens offer spectacular scenery without having to venture far.
Upcoming Events
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