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Welcome to "The Wisdom Witches," a multidisciplinary collective of holistic practitioners and healers based in Scotland, boasting over 100 years of combined experience. Comprising Wendy, Hazel, Kelly, Louise, Maureen, Maria, and Sarah, our mission is to guide and motivate individuals on their journey towards self-improvement, deeper self-understanding, and enhanced well-being. Through a range of mediums, "The Wisdom Witches" creates a nurturing environment founded on mutual support and trust, where participants explore life's various milestones and challenges. Our twice-weekly online forums cover diverse topics such as homeopathy, inner child meditation, understanding your limiting beliefs, communication and internal dialogue, the colours of life and befriending your shadow self. Offering participants a unique opportunity to seed and nurture their own happiness. Join us in discovering your true self and living your best life.

Who are forums for? 

Our online forums at 'The Wisdom Witches' are open to women worldwide who are curious, open to spirituality and personal growth, to seek a deeper connection with themselves and others. While these forums are free for our members, we also welcome non-members to join on a one-off basis. If you're a woman looking to explore holistic well-being, gain wisdom, and share in meaningful discussions, these forums are tailored just for you and helpful especially to those going through any difficult life challenges. Join us at 12pm on Fridays (UK time) or 7pm on Mondays to embark on a transformative journey. Plus, if you can't make one, there's always another chance with similar topics discussed in separate sessions. Embrace the opportunity to nurture your spiritual growth and well-being." 

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What to expect? 

At 'The Wisdom Witches' online forums, you can anticipate a dynamic and engaging experience. Our forum topics are revealed about a week in advance, allowing you to plan and book your spot through the events tab on our website. Once you've reserved your spot, you'll receive the Zoom link both when you book and an hour before the session begins.

Upon joining the session you'll be warmly greeted by the lead Wisdom Witch for that particular forum, who will guide you through the chosen topic. We start the session with a short check-in meditation, followed by an exploration of our chosen topic. Our sessions are interactive, and you might find yourself in breakout rooms for group tasks or engaging in open discussions towards the end. We always finish with our "Words of Wisdom" for you to move forward with. 

What's more, if you can't make a live session or want to revisit the wisdom shared, we've got you covered. Each session is recorded and added to our resource center, ensuring you can access the valuable insights and guidance at your convenience. So, come prepared to explore, connect, and grow with us in our transformative online forums.

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