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Rewatch our Forums 

As a member you get access to all forum recordings. These videos are provided as unlisted Youtube videos meaning you click below to access the ones you want. 


Discover the profound realm of heart coherence in our latest recorded forum. Uncover the secrets of synchronizing your heart and brain, delving into techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness. Learn how positive emotions can enhance your heart's rhythm, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being. Elevate your emotional resilience and inner balance with this transformative journey. Tune in to the recorded forum now


Dive into the transformative realm of 'Reverse Engineer Design' with Wisdom Witch Sarah in this recorded forum. Unleash the power of clarity by crafting a tangible plan for your wants and desires over the next 12 months, guiding you on an exciting adventure toward a life filled with joy, happiness, and unwavering clarity!


Dive into the exploration of interconnectedness with Wisdom Witch Wendy in this recorded forum. Uncover the intricate layers of interpersonal, intrapersonal, and transpersonal communication that shape the fabric of human relationships, weaving together personal, social, and transcendent experiences.


Join guest Wisdom Witch Jane Kerr in this recorded forum, exploring Ho'ponopono, the Hawaiian method of self-forgiveness. Learn to take responsibility, apply the healing mantra, and replace negativity with self-love, peace, and harmony—your path to deep healing awaits.


Embark on a transformative journey with Wisdom Witch Maria in this recorded forum. Explore the New Year's potential, uncover essential keys to re-engineer your life, and empower yourself to align actions with your deepest desires. Unravel possibilities and chart a course to personal fulfilment and accomplishment.


Discover the magic of the 11 Moon Centres with Guest Wisdom Witch Setske in this recorded forum. Gain insights into your emotional cycles, understanding how each centre influences your mood and reactions. Embrace a journey of self-compassion and connection with your unique nature.


Explore the holistic perspective of breast care with Guest Wisdom Witch Abigail in this recorded forum. Discover the importance of nurturing this often-under cared-for area of our bodies and gain insights into tools for supporting breast health while fostering a loving connection with your own body.


Embark on a transformative journey with 'Inner Happiness Exploration' led by Wendy. Delve into recorded forum sessions exploring the keys to lasting fulfilment through self-awareness, personal growth, and a deep connection to your values and emotions.


Embrace the art of letting go with our 'Letting Go' collection. Explore past forum sessions dedicated to the transformative process of releasing what no longer serves you, fostering personal growth and inner peace.


Dive into intuitive development with guest Wisdom Witch Aladin in our recorded forum. Bid farewell to doubt as you unlock your intuition, making decisions aligned with your true self. Gain confidence and clarity, empowering yourself to trust your inner guidance and shape a self-assured future.


Explore the impact of words in our Mindful Speech forum. Uncover how speech reflects inner connectedness and shapes outer reality. Learn a self-regulation tool for heightened awareness and a more compassionate approach in challenging conversations.


Discover the transformative power of 'Breath of Life' in our individual forum recordings. Explore past sessions dedicated to this profound practice, offering insights and guidance on harnessing the breath for well-being and self-discovery.

Unlock the secrets of the Hologenetic Profile with Lesley's individual forum recordings. Explore past sessions dedicated to this fascinating subject, offering insights and guidance on harnessing the power of your unique genetic profile for personal growth and transformation.


Delve into the insightful world of 'Dowsing'. Explore past sessions dedicated to this ancient practice, offering valuable insights and guidance on harnessing its divinatory power

Dive into our recorded forum on 'Standing in Your Own Light.' Learn to embrace your unique qualities, talents, and perspectives, confidently stepping into life's spotlight. Discover the power of authenticity, self-belief, and being your best self. Let's stand in our light and shine bright!


Unlock the power of positive change with 'Habit Changes by Hazel.' Dive into a curated collection of forum sessions led by Hazel, focusing on effective strategies for transforming habits and enhancing well-being


Discover the path to becoming more significant with 'Becoming More Significant by Wendy.' Explore a series of forum sessions led by Wendy, offering insights and guidance on personal growth and the journey to greater significance

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