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The Wisdom Witches Membership

The Wisdom Witches invite you to join our monthly membership where you will receive our ongoing support in the following ways:

  • A 1:1 Personal Alignment Session with Kelly, Hazel or Wendy to allow us to better know you and your goals, and enable us to assist you in living your highest vision

  • Free attendance at our online Weekly Forums on Fridays at 12pm or Mondays at 7pm

  • A members-only Facebook group

  • Access to members-only Resource Library with meditations, videos and other resources

  • Exclusive discounts for 1:1 sessions with the Wisdom Witches

  • Discounts for all our events, such as cold water dipping events

  • Discounts for our Wisdom Witches Residential Wellness Weekends

All these wonderful membership benefits for £11 per month or £110 per year

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