Who are the Wisdom Witches?

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Hazel MacFarlane, Health Architect  

Hazel Macfarlane worked for over 20 years as an Architect before shifting her attentions from buildings to bodies. Challenged to resolve over 15 years of low energy levels meant she applied her perspective of the ‘bigger picture’ to discover her fascination of the body’s intelligence and how to communicate with it.

Using techniques based on 1000’s of years of learning, she works with the body’s subtle energy systems to help people connect with what their body wants to say. As a Health Architect, she helps clients unravel puzzling, long-term health issues to bring back energy flow and balance.


Wendy Chalmers Mill, Humanology Expert 

Wendy has worked in the field of Humanology for over 30 years, looking at, human behaviour, well-being, human impact and communication - both how you communicate internally with self and how you communicate and project to others. She began her career in the medical profession working in Occupational Health and went on to become a qualified coach and NLP practitioner.

Wendy creates a climate for vision building acting as a catalyst to empower others to better understand themselves and the positive influence you can have on others. Wendy is a recognised expert and has published a book and many articles and papers, been quoted frequently in the national press, lectured widely throughout the UK and has regularly been interviewed on television and radio.


Kelly Houston, Joy Coach

Kelly is a trained Family and Individual Therapist and Social Worker, who is passionate about discovering and appreciating each person's unique contribution to the whole. She believes that the key to an effective and fulfilled life is in gaining clarity and skill in living one's individual purpose by transforming the blocks that inhibit full expression and joy.⠀

Along with extensive experience in Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness, and Social Work, Kelly has worked alongside Jack Canfield in America since the early 1980s incorporating his Success Principles and the Law of Attraction in her work. She will delight in assisting you to realise your dreams in practical, achievable steps whilst maintaining a connection to your inner source of joy and wisdom.

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Louise Gabrielle, Energy Movement Practitioner

Louise is passionate about helping people to find their own strength to heal, through Movement, Astrology and Shamanic traditions.  She has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and completed her teacher training in 2017.  Astrology and Shamanic traditions have been part of her life since her early twenties, and have played a big role in her own healing journey, and she now shares these ancient traditions with others on their journey.

Life has been a profound teacher for her and through studying movement, astrology and other ancient traditions has helped her understand the eb and flow of life, allowing her to teach others how to reset and tune back in to their own needs and wants

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Isobel Gordon, Trauma-Sensitive Therapist and Healer

Isobel is passionate about helping people transform the unconscious patterns that keep them from leading the life they want.

Before becoming a therapist, over 30 years ago, she worked in Financial Services. Isobel began her therapeutic career as a Shiatsu practitioner and went on to discover Angelic Reiki. In 2012, she qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting. So far, this has been the biggest leap in her personal and professional growth. Accessing her energy field and unconscious mind has released many of her limiting patterns. 

She awakened her spiritual truth, intuition and self-belief, and is now happy to share her opinions and wisdom.  The profundity of her own journey is what drives Isobel to share her work with others.